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Rise Wise Sports Therapy

Rise Wise recognised the importance of physical development for children and the need for a sports program adapted for children and adolescents with special needs. Our behavioural specialists designed a comprehensive Sports Therapy that aims to help them improve their physical and socio-emotional development. We utilize behavioral strategies in our program, using clearly defined procedures to specify how to learn a new skill. Every class is taught by a qualified coach together with a behavioural therapist. Each child is paired with a peer mentor or staff member who can help them stay on task, learn new skills through simple, visual coaching, and ultimately achieve their goals. Our experts will also tackle behavioural challenges such as attention problems, meltdowns, and non-compliance during the sessions.  The benefits to the children are significant: sports enhance their motor skills and fitness, as well as greatly enhances their self-esteem and social skills.


Our Sports Therapy sessions may include various sports such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Squash, Football, Rugby and much more. As well as motor skills development the sessions are focused on providing a safe and fun environment for children to enjoy the games and thrive on the fields.
Modifications are provided to accommodate each child's needs and ability.


Group Sports

1:1 Individualised Sports Therapy

Program highlights:

  • Individual modifications to suit each child's need

  • Designed by professional coaches and behavioral experts 
    specifically tailored for children 
    with Special Educational Needs (SEN)

  • Build Self-concept & Confidence 

  • Social interaction skills 

  • Emotional Regulation & Self-discipline 

  • Focus and Attention Enhancement 

  • Develop Hand-eye Coordination

  • Taught by Registered HKFC Squash coach

  • Supported by Trained Behavioural Therapists

    Download our program brochure here.


























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