Animal Assisted Intervention

Rise Wise has partnered with The Hong Kong Guide Dogs Association (HKGDA) to provide an Individualised 1:1 Animal Assisted Intervention (AAI) and Social Groups for children with special needs. The AAI is designed by experienced Occupational Therapists and Behavioral Therapists specifically tailored for children with special needs. It is an intensive and comprehensive program that includes a trained therapy dog, a professional dog handler trained by an Occupational Therapist and an experienced Behavioral Therapist. The session will take place in the Occupational Therapy and Sensory room at the HK Guide Dog Training Centre.

The objective of the AAI program is to provide therapeutic benefits based on a positive relationship between the child and the therapy dog. Our program incorporates a therapy dog to develop skills in the following areas: Daily Living Skills, Language Skills, Social and Play Skills, Sensory Processing, Gross and Fine Motor Skills, Emotional Regulation, Organisational Skills and Problem-solving Skills.


1:1 Individualised Animal Assisted Therapy

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